The management of Taban Gostar Pouya Company, relying on the high performance of managers and using the technical knowledge and experience of the staff in the past years, has been formed and with the aim of showing its capabilities in various fields of production, it has taken a step to prove the capabilities of industry experts.

Taban Gostar Pouya Company was established in September 2001(1380) and started its activities in the field of providing advanced CNC machining services and manufacturing equipment and fittings for power distribution network lines.

In recent years, the company has expanded its activities and developed production spaces by utilizing extensive technical, financial and research facilities and gathering specialized forces.


At present, with the participation of nearly 150 professionals and with the experience and implementation of the latest design and production methods and using all necessary facilities, this company provides a wide range of technical services in a land area of 12,000 square meters in the industrial city of Nasirabad in Tehran engineering and production are carried out on the basis of technical specifications and in accordance with standards.

X-Hold Services

Heat Treatment

Hardening heat treatment is the most common method of increasing the strength and hardness of steels by selecting the proper hardening conditions.


Taban Gostar Pouya Company started its operations in 2001(1380) with the aim of supplying and manufacturing various equipment and fittings for power distribution lines.

Industrial tools

The tooling unit of Taban Gostar Pouya Company, the largest manufacturer of specialized and technical machining holders in Iran, has managed to localize this industry for the first time in the country.

Unbreakable Glass

The construction and operation of Securite (Unbreakable) Glass Factory of Taban Gostar Pouya Company, which is located in the industrial city of Nasirabad in Tehran, started in 2012(1391) and by equipping the factory with the most advanced tools in the world, it produces the best quality glass.